Emerging Markets Investments

Focused on Emerging Markets

As an emerging markets-focused financial advisory firm, we provide a full suite of deal support services to PE/VC firms, hedge funds, MNCs, and high net worth individuals looking for a competitive advantage for their investments. Our hands-on, in-country approach leverages our extensive country-specific personal networks and those of our local partners. Every project is based on face-to-face interaction of those who know and live the local markets by those who speak the local language.

What we offer

We design our offerings to provide support along the entire investment decision cycle, including:

  • Market, country, and industry surveys
  • Pre- and post-exclusivity due diligence
  • Valuation support, from first-pass valuations to market-, reputational-, and sovereign risk handicapping
  • Limited operational implementation support such as post-deal ROI auditing and “100 day plan” design and support

Regardless of your particular needs, we stand poised to assist and facilitate your investment needs, and will work tirelessly to ensure that your returns are maximized.

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